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UK Sea Job Offer
16.11.2019, 20:05
We are currently on the verge of expanding our Company ( The Yacht Company ) . Consequently, we intend to hire more experienced and suitably qualified personnel to join in the workforce by contributing their quota via their skills/experiences. Job Salary: Depending on your roll of specialization, Salary Ranging from 5,500 GBP to 12,500 GBP or negotiable and we shall take care of your Transportation expenses, Accommodation, feeding and a month training on arrival. BENEFITS: Accommodation will be provided for all staffs, salaries and other benefits are attractive. If you are interested in joining us, Apply with your details in any position, kindly send your resume to our recruiting email ( ).YCO Limited
Категория: Морские Программы | Добавил: charlie2019
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